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The mission of the SAN JUAN CATHOLIC SPIRITUAL CENTER is to gather the Catholic faithful: to celebrate the Mass on the Feast of Saint John the Baptist (Dia de San Juan Bautista) and the Feast of St. John Paul II or the Feast of the Archangels; to bring together the Catholic faithful to pray the Holy Rosary and on occasions for other Catholic religious services; and to provide a peaceful setting for contemplative prayer and, in general, for the gathering of the Catholic faithful in a spirit of fellowship. All of these to be accomplished while preserving the Catholic and Hispano legacy of the families of the early settlers of La Garita.


This mission was initiated with the blessing of the Bishop of the Pueblo Diocese and the San Juan Catholic Community clergy in 2009 who are owners of the property.  Since 2009, the SAN JUAN CATHOLIC SPRITUAL CENTER has been repaired, renovated, developed, and maintained through charitable donations and volunteered time from the Archuleta Family Foundation who are descendants of one of the Hispano families who journeyed to the Spanish northern frontier and lived their Catholic Faith in La Garita.


Additional gifts of talent, time, and sharing of faith have been offered by other volunteers. More specifically, the Ed Kulp family were instrumental in contributing artistic and engineering talent, envisioning the concept, designing the Rosary Walk and constructing the decade monuments as well as their continued support in maintaining the Spiritual Center's grounds along with planning and supporting events. Other artistic talent has been provided by artist, A.T. Archuleta for the buon frescos and Robert Hebert for creating the six-point crosses on the decade monuments.

While the SAN JUAN CATHOLIC SPIRITUAL CENTER encourages Catholic involvement, we invite all visitors to experience such a special place and enjoy the beauty of La Garita, the outlying Valley, and the vistas of the San Juan and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains ranges.


We are pleased with the wonderful responses we have received from both Catholics and non-Catholics.



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Please contact us for any questions or event updates or to let us know what you think about the work we've done at the San Juan Catholic Spiritual Center at info@thesanjuancatholicspiritualcenter.org.




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