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Our Mission

The SAN JUAN CATHOLIC SPIRITUAL CENTER is owned by the Diocese of Pueblo and they have entrusted THE ARCHULETA FAMILY FOUNDATION for its care.  We are the descendants of one of the Hispano families who journeyed to the Spanish northern frontier and lived their Catholic Faith in La Garita. It is our mission to develop and support activities and events designed to preserve the cultural history of the Hispano community of the San Luis Valley and the community's historically strong connection to the Roman Catholic Church.

Our interest in La Garita began in 2009 when Fr. Joseph Vigil, current pastor of the San Juan Catholic Community, encouraged our involvement with the revitalization of the church property so it’s historical and religious importance could be protected.  We were further inspired with the blessing of the Bishop of the Pueblo Diocese. 



What We Do

Since 2009, we have sponsored various projects to repair, renovate, develop, and maintain the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, the San Juan Bautista Monument, and the St. John Paul II Rosary Walk.


Additionally, we work towards bringing together the Catholic faithful in a spirit of fellowship; to celebrate Mass on the Feast of Saint John the Baptist (El Dia de San Juan Bautista) and on occasions for other Catholic religious services; to pray the Holy Rosary; and to provide a peaceful setting for contemplative prayer for all who visit. All of these to be accomplished while preserving the Catholic and Hispano legacy of the families of the early settlers of La Garita.

Volunteers & Visitors

The SAN JUAN CATHOLIC SPIRITUAL CENTER receives additional support through charitable donations and gifts of time, talent, and sharing of faith from volunteers. 


While the SAN JUAN CATHOLIC SPIRITUAL CENTER encourages Catholic involvement, we invite all visitors to experience this very special place and enjoy the beauty of La Garita, the outlying San Luis Valley, and the vistas of the San Juan and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains ranges.

We are always pleased with the wonderful and supportive responses we have received from both Catholics and non-Catholics who travel to La Garita.

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